Philosophy, Spirituality

On Logos

We have often spoken of Logos and its centrality in life; all men are called to conform themselves to it. In truth, there is so great a depth to this word and what it signifies that it could not all be discovered in a lifetime. Nevertheless, as it is a fundamental concept of metaphysics and […]

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Rivalry & Fratricide

Genius often comes to us in pairs. Plato and Aristotle, Jung and Freud, Guénon and Evola; a generation’s thought and voice is often captured by a pair of geniuses. Mark the greats of Western music: Handel and Bach, Haydn and Beethoven, Wagner and Verdi, among countless other pairs. Two relationships that I have observed to […]

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Creative Writing

The Husband

The bachelors deride the husband’s life, And say he’s bullied daily by his wife, Then in the club they meet their friends to moan That matriarchal women rule the home. “A single man is only ever half A man,” the husband warns the men. They laugh As their reply, the happy husband spurn, And to […]

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Culture, Psychology

Synchronous Arisings

Jung, Peterson & the Uses & Abuses of Chaos Memes in the Current Year Recently, I have been mulling over the idea of memes and their uses as a subversive art form in the modern world after responding to a very good comment on the nature of art from my recent article on Sam Hyde […]

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Philosophy, Politics

The Hierarchical Heresy

Hierarchy… The word has become something of a prelude to incantations of aspirations for lofty empire and personal mastery among the contemporary dissident-right. Discerning ears will oft hear the rightist cry of, “We need strong leadership!” Yet, seemingly invariably, once a leader steps up to the plate (or is merely proffered by others as a […]

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Happy New Year

Writing is something which a great many people — myself included, at times — find difficult to do, to keep up, to maintain consistency with. I remember English class from my school days and being drilled on the various purposes for which one would engage in writing — to inform, entertain, instruct, explain, etc.. Such […]

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